MATERIAL WORLD, the annual retail platform by Selfridges, which debuted in 2016 focusing on new creative talent and sustainability in fashion, represents the brightest innovators in materiality and provenance of fabrics, with Tengri selected as the ambassador for ‘Luxury Fibres’.

This video by Selfridges HOT AIR explores the materiality of our clothes and their effect on our world:

Clothes with a conscience

MATERIAL WORLD takes a bright new look at sustainable innovation, through materiality and the fascinating provenance of the fabrics of fashion. The project shares the stories of the best future-gazing design and production, while honouring the strengths of traditional textile manufacturing practice.

"As an innovator in noble yarns and the first brand to manufacture yak fibres here in the UK as a sustainable alternative to cashmere, we are honoured to be invited to take part in this high-profile creative initiative and as an ambassador for luxury fibres. We are slowly seeing positive shifts in consumer attitudes to sustainability, but it’s essential for influential retailers to drive the change for good to protect our planet and our future. We’re proud to sit with so many talented brands selected for MATERIAL WORLD, and to be spearheading a sustainable fashion revolution!”  – Nancy Johnston, Founder, Tengri


"We are a shop selling "stuff", so let's take a closer look at the very materiality that makes it. MATERIAL WORLD will examine sustainable textile development, with a focus on social, local and global production stories. The project will explore current problems and their impact as well as presenting solutions and ideas, with honesty and humour, in a retail environment. Through MATERIAL WORLD, we want to invite consumers and the industry to refashion the way we think about our clothes, and how we talk about sustainability." – Linda Hewson, Creative Director, Selfridges


MATERIAL WORLD: What on earth are you wearing?

The campaign advances conversations around developments in sustainable fashion design, sharing stories of best future-gazing design and production, while honouring the strengths of traditional textile manufacturing practice, in the UK and beyond. With eight materials chosen, Tengri, the ‘Bright’ Ambassador for ‘Luxury Fibres’, demonstrates our innovation in noble yarns of the Khangai Yak, a species that roams the remote Khangai Mountains of western Mongolia.


Capsule collection

The capsule collection of Tengri designs demonstrates the brand’s legacy, inspired by the relationship between humans and their environment, the juxtaposition between nature and urbanisation and commonality between the Mongolian and British landscapes. Available in Selfridges’ menswear department, the collection includes signature pieces such as the Tengri Chevron Coat. An exclusive line of knitwear has been created for Selfridges’ MATERIAL WORLD, including a contemporary Varsity Jacket, and special edition marl beanies and scarves. 


Tengri's launch at Selfridges London's Oxford Street

Exclusively selected by Selfridges, Tengri showcased its signature noble yarns and fabrics in the MATERIAL WORLD window launched on London’s Oxford Street on 9th January, curated together with Selfridges’ visual team to narrate Tengri’s inspiring story and material capabilities. Our Founder Nancy Johnston is also involved in a series of consumer engagements and initiatives rolling out as part of the MATERIAL WORLD conversation.


Award-winning environmental credentials

Tengri champions sustainable manufacturing, using prestige Noble Yarns®. These are hand-combed from an indigenous breed of yak, which has less impact on biodiversity than non-indigenous and domesticated animal species, such as cashmere goats, introduced and bred for their fibres. Overgrazing of cashmere goats is leaving nearly 90% of Mongolia’s pasture land in danger of desertification. Tengri works directly with 4,500 nomadic herder families, ensuring they receive a fair share income whilst establishing herders’ land rights and a 100% transparent supply chain. Our approach led to Tengri being named one of the leading 100 sustainable global initiatives in the Sustainia100 list.