13th July 2015


On 18th July, Tengri, the collective movement where design, prestige fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice come together to do good, will host a runway show like no other in the heart of the Arkhangai Mountains, Mongolia.  Set on the shore of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake in the awe-inspiring region of Tariat Sum, the showcase will form part of the Mongolia Yak Festival, celebrating the delicate and interwoven relationship between nomadic herders, animals and the land.

Welcoming 1,500 herder families, the festival is a unique event that celebrates the spirit and raw beauty of the region combined with the preservation of nomadic traditions. In honour of the Mongolian Yak, the festivities will also celebrate the enrichment of livelihoods through new co-operatives enabled by the Tengri collective.

During the day-long celebrations, Tengri will unveil its new capsule collection of directional knitwear created with 100% Mongolian Khangai noble yarns, supplied by the yak herder co-operatives. Designed and made in London, the pieces will demonstrate the results of sustainable trade and the sophisticated technology adopted by Tengri’s team to purify the unique qualities of Mongolian Yak wool, producing refined yarns and ethical luxury fashion.

Joining international models from Britain, the show will feature local people, scouted in the run up to the festival to connect Tengri’s pieces to their source. The collection will include separates from Tengri’s dramatic new Autumn/Winter ‘Rider’ collection which will launch in London in October 2015. The pieces form the capsule collection will demonstrate simple classic cuts, which are utilitarian in style, unisex and easy to wear.

A catwalk with the mountainous Arkhangai region as its backdrop will set the scene for the show, to inspire and connect the local communities with the results of their herding enterprise. Tengri’s involvement in the Mongolia Yak Festival 2015 follows its debut Tsetersleg Festival in 2014 where the collective launched its first collection.

Other festivities throughout the day will include a celebration of traditional and modern food and music, cultural performances, workshops and crafts. Local herders will also enter a string of contests to celebrate, the best-dressed and best looking yaks in a yak parade, plus awards to recognise the most productive herders and exhibits of yak products from dairy to crafts.

The Mongolia Yak Festival 2015 is organised by the Arkhangai local government and Arkhangai Federation of Pasture User Groups. Jambaldorj Sorsor, Director of Arkhangai Federation of Pasture User Groups comments: “In Mongolia festivals have long been a part of our nomadic culture and we believe this is critical in keeping our communities strong and preserving a traditional way of life. These events enable a platform for sharing and celebration of methods to strengthen nomadic livelihoods. The Yak festival honours a creature integral to these livelihoods and this year we celebrate the growth of co-operatives established with the help of our international partner Tengri.”

Nancy Johnston, CEO & Founder, Tengri, adds. “Mongolian nomadic herders’ traditional way of life has become increasingly threatened by changes to the country’s natural grasslands. The rise of mining, combined with intensive grazing to supply the fast-growing market for cashmere, has contributed to more than 70 percent of Mongolian land suffering from desertification.”

Johnston continues: “Yarns made from the Khangai yak wool offer an environmentally friendly and exclusive knitwear alternative to cashmere. It is one of the world’s noble fibres and offers equivalent softness and warmth, yet can be produced without intensive grazing. As such, yak fibre plays an important role in protecting Mongolia’s natural landscape. Moreover, it offers Mongolia's nomadic herders a sustainable way to preserve their traditional way of life. At Tengri we are proud to have enabled ethical co-operatives for more than 1,500 herder families. Our collaborative is growing fast, offering trade through fashion as well as interiors and the application of technology. We are excited to be making a notable difference to the herding community in Mongolia and look forward to showcasing the fruits of the herders’ labours at the Mongolia Yak Festival on 18th July.”

2015 marks a milestone year for Tengri, developing its projects in fashion and interiors, investing in the development of technology to further refine Khangai noble yarn’s prestige, whilst developing trade partnerships to generate increased income for the co-operatives at source. Inspiring new collaborations are also on the horizon with creative vanguards including 19 Greek Street www.19greekstreet.com

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Tengri launches Crowdfunder campaign

Yak knitwear brand also shortlisted for London and Paris Fashion Week 2015
Fashion Scout Panel

18th November 2014

Yak knitwear brand also shortlisted for London and Paris Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Scout Panel.

Tengri has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise £40,000 for its ethical fashion projects in the UK and Mongolia.

Hosted by the UK’s biggest rewards-based crowdfunding platform, the campaign will connect communities to spread the word about Tengri – an up-and-coming fashion brand and collective movement bringing together design, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice to do good.

The campaign runs until 16 December and supporters can pledge anything from £10. Tengri is offering a host of rewards to thank people for their support – ranging from handwritten Tengri postcards, to yak wool sweaters and cycling experiences in Mongolia.

London-based Tengri works collectively with yak herders in Mongolia as a ‘fairshare’ business – sourcing and purchasing 100% pure yak wool, which is as soft as cashmere and warmer than merino wool. The luxurious yak wool is then used to create bold knitwear pieces designed by Royal College of Art graduate Carlo Volpi, and crafted by local hand-knitters and manufacturers in Hawick, Scotland. 

The launch comes in the same week that Tengri has been shortlisted to showcase its debut ‘Warrior’ collection for the London and Paris Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Scout panel – a huge achievement for a new fashion brand.  

Tengri’s founder, Nancy Johnston, says: “I’m thrilled that Tengri has been shortlisted by Fashion Scout to showcase our debut collection at the 2015 London and Paris Fashion Week. It’s been an amazing journey for Tengri. From working directly with herders in Mongolia to source the wool, creating a fashion brand, designing and producing the collection in the UK – it’s an adventure.  It’s a great honour to represent a brand that stands for community spirit and collective action and I hope the support continues in our crowdfunding campaign.” 

Tengri’s Crowdfunder campaign runs until 10am on 16 December, 2014. 

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Tengri celebrates today’s modern day ‘warrior’ with a fusion of environmental activism, fashion, art, dance and music

20th September 2014, London

Ethical fashion brand and collective movement Tengri will debut its ‘Warrior’ collection alongside contemporary British and Mongolian music at the 2014 Tengri Festival in London, this Saturday, 20th September.

The celebration of British and Mongolian creativity will take place at the Corbet Place Bar & Lounge at the Truman Brewery, E1, from 7pm, showcasing Tengri’s latest collection. This is made from 100% hand-combed Mongolian yak wool, as well as yak leather shoes designed by Drapers Footwear & Accessories Award Finalist, Shoes By Bryan. One-time musical collaborations are powered by bookabeat, a new online music-hiring platform supporting independent artists. Music performances will be provided by London’s Miss Baby Sol, Mongolian musician Pianist Manda and DJ duo ADDLED. The evening will also feature dance performances by Faye Tan, circus and street dance choreographer Xavi, and the Funk Da Cirque dance troupe. 

Tengri founder Nancy Johnston says: “I'm really honoured that the Tengri Festival celebrates creative Mongolian-British multicultural collaborations, and to be able host a fashion show and debut our 'Warrior' collection in London. At its heart, Tengri is more than just a fashion label. It is a collective movement that brings together design, fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice to do good. The collection is gorgeous – as luxurious as cashmere – and launches for pre-orders on our online shop this week.”

Tengri’s collaboration with Shoes By Bryan will showcase the first ever collection of women’s 3D-printed shoes made from Mongolian yak leather. Shoes By Bryan founder Bryan Oknyansky says: “We are excited to collaborate with the Tengri collective. Together we’re using innovation to bridge the gap between fashion and technology by marrying 3D printing with yak leather sourced by nomadic herders, to create innovative shoes that are printed from bioplastics and free from petrochemicals – creating products that leave the world a better place than before.”

The London event follows Tengri’s Tsetserleg Festival in Mongolia, which took place in August this year. Conceived and staged entirely by Tengri, the festival was a celebration of culture and community spirit in the town of Tsetserleg, which was transformed by decorations, live music, art, food and high-end fashion for the weekend. A festival like no other, it also included an eight-hour clean up operation of the Tamir River by RockCorps volunteers, spurred on by a closing performance from Mongolia’s award-winning hip-hop star Quiza.

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Notes to editors:

About Tengri

Tengri creates sustainable luxury knitwear and yarns from Khangai Noble Yarns® – Mongolian yak fibres that are as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, breathable and hypoallergenic. We produce exclusive, design-led products for the discerning and conscientious, with 100 percent transparent supply-chain provenance. Listed in the Sustania100 2016 guide, Tengri’s Founder, Nancy Johnston was also awarded with the Asian Women of Achievement Award 2016.

More than just a label, London-based Tengri is a collective movement and social enterprise built by people pioneering a new heritage. We empower customers with information to make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices. We champion Mongolian yak fibre and purchase our supply directly from cooperatives that represent more than 4,500 nomadic herder families. We champion emerging designers and celebrate craftsmanship: our products are designed and made in the UK. We lead multicultural events, where the starting point of the dialogue is the preservation of Mongolia’s nomadic heritage, its animals and iconic landscapes.


Nomadic herding and land desertification in Mongolia

Nomadic herders in Mongolia still maintain the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors. They move 4-8 times between four seasonal rangelands (spring, summer, autumn and winter), searching for good pastures for their livestock. This way of mobile livestock keeping is in symbiosis with the fragile ecological environment of grasslands in the Central Asian Plateau. Having collective organisation enables herders to establish land-use agreement with local government and protect their traditional user rights and become stewards of the land. According to the United Nations Development Programme, 90 percent of Mongolia is fragile dry land, under constant threat of increasing desertification.

Tengri’s social enterprise with nomadic herders supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8, 12, 15 and 17 by promoting sustainable economic growth, ensuring sustainable production patterns, protecting and promoting sustainable natural ecosystems use and combating desertification through our global partnerships for sustainable development.