Khangai Yak

For thousands of years, nomadic herder families in Mongolia’s Khangai Mountains have stewarded the land and animals such as the semi-wild Khangai yak. This indigenous animal is the sustainable source of Tengri’s Khangai Noble Fibres® and Khangai Noble Yarns®.

Baby Khangai Yak Fibres

The world’s softest, rarest yak fibres can be hand-combed only once – from Baby Khangai Yaks, when they shed their first winter coats.



Khangai Microclimate

Tiny fluctuations in overnight temperatures intensify the growth of Mongolia’s softest yak down on the animals’ underbellies. These fibres have outstanding thermal-regulating properties, enabling Khangai yak to thrive in scorching summers and bitter winters (temperatures range from +40 to -40 degrees Celsius).

Natural rarity

Tengri herders hand-comb each yak once a year, producing only 100 grammes of precious Khangai Yak fibres. These are hand-sorted into four natural colours: cocoa, tan, and the rare, extremely valuable silver and platinum.



Comparison to other luxury fibres

Khangai Yak fibres are as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, light and breathable, resistant to pilling, water and odours, hypoallergenic, with the strength and durability associated with cervelt (red deer down). Although Khangai Yaks are combed more often than vicuña (annually compared with every three years for vicuña), the comparable fibre yield is less, making Khangai Yak fibres rarer than vicuña.

Sustainable sourcing

Tengri, listed in Sustainia100 as one of the world’s leading sustainable business solutions, produces Khangai Noble Fibres® via a 100 percent transparent supply chain.

Supporting the United Nations

According to the United Nations Development Programme, 90 percent of Mongolia is fragile dry-land – desertification threatens wildlife and biodiversity. Tengri’s social enterprise with nomadic herders supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by promoting sustainable economic growth, ensuring sustainable production patterns, protecting and promoting sustainable natural ecosystems use, and combating desertification through our global partnerships for sustainable development. tengri.co.


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