Launching a new wave of luxury – Cut from a different cloth

We’re excited to share the two year journey from fibre to fabric in our new collection of Khangai Limited Edition Fabrics.

These new fabrics are woven at a heritage mill in Yorkshire from Tengri’s rare Khangai Noble Yarns® – Mongolian yak fibres which are exquisitely soft, warmer than merino wool, water resistant, breathable and hypoallergenic.


The superior properties of these fabrics are the result of our industry-leading commitment to environmental conservation and heritage preservation. This led to our creating a wholly sustainable, transparent and circular supply chain ‘system’ for cloth production, minimising its impact on climate change.

Our systemic approach proves that innovation is not always about technology. Bespoke craftsmanship, combined with new and naturally rare cloths, produced in line with nature, is the most uncompromising form of slow and sustainable luxury. The development process for new fabrics can take up to two years, combining creative artistry, science, the purest raw fibres and finest yarn construction.

The journey of the new fabric starts in the remote Khangai Mountains of western Mongolia, where fibres are hand combed from the underbelly of the indigenous baby Khangai yak. This happens just once a year, when the yak shed their winter coats, and the average yield is only 100 grammes of fibres from each animal – a lower yield than other rare fibres such as vicuna.

When they reach the UK, the fibres are washed in the soft water of the Yorkshire Pennines, a natural ingredient and unique aspect of the Huddersfield textile weaving industry that helps to give the cloth a distinguished and luxurious handle. At a Yorkshire mill where textile manufacturing date back to 1777, the fibres are spun into Tengri Khangai Noble Yarns which are woven into fabric. To finish, the cloth is brushed with the fibres of wild harvested teasel plants and delicately steamed to refine the texture and drape.


Khangai Limited Edition Fabrics will be available in seven colours. There are four undyed natural shades: cocoa, tan, and the much rarer silver and platinum. We also use eco-friendly dyes to create plum, pine, navy and black. Only a handful of cuts of fabric can be made from each length of cloth, a truly exclusive luxury and prestige option for slow and sustainable fashion at its purest form.

The Khangai Limited Edition Fabrics will be available from select bespoke tailors globally.