From naturally exclusive, beautifully made pieces for you and your
home, to unforgettable guided travel journeys, created just for you.

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Tengri is a collective movement where design, fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice come together to do good

Tengri creates sustainable luxury knitwear and yarns from organic and all-natural yak fibres

Noble Yarns, Noble Ways

Every Tengri experience helps to protect wildlife, remote landscapes and indigenous communities. Our fairly traded, 100% transparent supply chain ensures the integrity of our fabrics, which are sourced and created ethically and sustainably.

Tengri Wear

Classic statement pieces with a modern and relaxed aesthetic. Tengri fabrics are made from “Noble Yarns” – naturally rare and sustainable fibres, hand-combed once a year from Khangai yaks in the remote mountains of western Mongolia.

Tengri Home

Combining our modern design aesthetic and rare fabrics in refined, effortless style. Made in the UK and Mongolia, demonstrating meticulous craftsmanship and creative freedom, these pieces are exquisitely soft and add a luxurious touch to any room.

Tengri Travel

Sourcing sustainable rare fibres for Tengri clothing and home products takes us to some of the most remote parts of Mongolia. Join us on one-of-a-kind journeys across the stunning landscapes of the Khangai Mountains of western Mongolia.