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Tengri is a collective movement where design, fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice come together to do good

Tengri creates sustainable luxury knitwear and yarns from organic and all-natural yak fibres

More than just a label

Tengri designs and creates sustainable premium knitwear and yarns from Khangai noble fibres – Mongolian yak fibres that are as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, breathable and hypoallergenic. We are a technology specialist in noble yarns, so named for their superior quality and performance.

More than just a label, Tengri is a collective movement built by people pioneering a new heritage. We’re a London-based design house built on technological innovation, British design, fairshare business and a 100% transparent supply chain.

Creating Tengri Noble Yarns®

All Tengri Noble Yarns® are made with 100% natural and undyed Khangai yak fibre, from a rare species found only in the remote Khangai mountains of western Mongolia. These yak roam semi-wild, often at high altitudes, and endure extreme summers and harsh winter conditions. Their soft undercoats consist of fibres that are light and naturally robust, resistant to odours and water. These fibres can be sourced only by hand-combing each yak individually, once a year, when the animals shed their winter coats.

Shop Tengri at Selfridges

A range of Tengri knitwear and accessories is now available at Selfridges, as part of the “Material World” project. This offers an opportunity to discover, experience and buy from new creative brands that pay special attention to sustainability in fashion and design.

“Material World” takes a bright new look at sustainable innovation, through materiality and the fascinating provenance of the fabrics of fashion. The project shares the stories of the best future-gazing design and production, while honouring the strengths of traditional textile manufacturing practice.