Tengri designs, innovates and creates naturally sustainable premium
fashionwear, fabrics and yarns from noble fibres.

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Tengri is a collective movement where design, fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice come together to do good

Tengri creates sustainable luxury knitwear and yarns from organic and all-natural yak fibres

Pioneering a new heritage

Inspired by global travels from east to west, we create natural and sustainable products for the conscientious and discerning. We're a London-based design house and a collective movement built by people pioneering a new heritage.

Noble Yarns

We create pieces from Noble Fibres – so named for their superior quality – sustainably and ethically sourced from rural and remote places around the world.

Tengri partners with heritage manufacturers in Britain and Mongolia, ensuring the integrity of an ethical and premium product made with the finest quality craftsmanship, using traditional skills passed from one generation to the next.

Noble Ways

Each Tengri purchase helps to preserve fragile landscapes, protect wildlife and support the nomadic way of life, all of which are threatened by rapid industrialisation and global climate change.

Discover directional and design-led products that look good, feel good and do good.